Looking for some inspiration

So it seems nowadays that today everyone is looking for the purpose of life… huh? Purpose of life? I wonder where that idea originally came from and is it really true that one came in to the world with a specific function be a mother, be a CEO, be a wife, a sister, a brother, a something?

It seems to me people are struggling so hard to find their purpose that they are missing life… what if none of us has a real purpose on our pass through this earth? What if all we need to do is to find joy in the things we have choose in our life… to find joy bye being exactly who you are and what if, if the only thing we ever need to do on this earth is to enjoy and to find inner peace and tranquility with everything and everyone that surrounds and to just be kind…

What if? I want to believe that that is the purpose of life that there are no special missions for every single human who walks on this earth ‘cause there is nothing more spectacular than to co-exist with simplicity, happiness and tranquility.