Introduction to Sport Psychology. Lesson 3: This is a quick fix, right?

The advantages of mental trainning!

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Welcome to the third and final post of our introductory course to Sport Psychology. On our first article of this series, we discussed the idea that Sport Psychology it’s only for crazy people. In that blog post we commented on some of the possible origins of the idea that psychology is only for the crazy ones, and we encouraged readers to seek help from a sport psychologist when needed. Making that move won’t be a sign of your weakness, on the contrary, it would be a sign of your motivation and desire of improving yourself.

On our last blog post we talked about the idea that Sport Psychology is only for professional and elite athletes. Far from that, we revealed that although some work is done with the highest level of skill, most of our work is with developmental athletes and just “Sunday players” who want to enhance their performance…

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