Introduction to Sport Psychology. Lesson 2: This is only for professional athletes, right?

The real “magic” behind performance!

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Local Tennis Court My last blog entry saw the start of the  ‘Introduction to Sport Psychology’ series of lessons, where I debunked the idea that Sport Psychology is only for a group of ‘crazy’ athletes and exercisers, who just need some extra help. I discussed some of the possible explanations for why there is certain taboo surrounding the idea of psychology in sports settings. I also shared some reasons for why one should consider working with a sport psychologist. Today, I am going to deal with another recurring question in sport psychology, which is: ‘This is only for professional athletes, right?’

According to APA Division 47, sport Psychology is the scientific study of the psychological factors associated with participation, enjoyment and performance in sport and exercise contexts. This definition contains some key words that will guide this blog entry. The first ones are participation and enjoyment. It is clear that improving sport…

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