Introduction to Sport Psychology. Lesson 1: Isn’t this for crazy people?

Incredible that even now a days ther is still a taboo locked around the mind and mental issues.

all about performance

Winners When we tell people that we are sport psychologist, we often see faces of “that’s interesting”, but they are not completely sure what it is sport psychology and how it really works. It is an understandable reaction since Sport Psychology is a young branch of psychology and in most countries is a novel field of study. In this blog post, I will try to write an introduction to what sport psychology is and answer some of the frequently asked questions we have heard.

Even if you are not completely sure what sport psychology is, you will agree with me that under certain context, especially under pressure and high expectations, our skills and abilities might not be all we need to have a good performance. Think for a moment a well prepared student who is about to take an exam and when she is in front of it, her mind goes…

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